We are two gals, Zoey Danielson and Rogue Schmidt; together we are on the hunt to create meaningful, fun, and inclusive content, whether that be a live event or on screen. 
We went from idling in our cars in our hometown Walmart parking lot, dreaming about doing the work, to actually being in the bustling streets of Chicago with the opportunity to create with some of the city’s best and brightest artists. 
Zoey studied film and Rogue studied comedy, together they paired up and created Amos Porter Productions. We’ve taken what we learned separately and taught the other. That foundation helped us build a “come as you are” collaboration that we have with everyone we work with. No idea is too outlandish, sad, or abstract. We want collaboration in its purest form so that we can simply be the best storytellers possible. 
That brings us to you, dear reader. We want to work with you! We have a small but growing team and we’re looking to grow more. We want to keep innovating and pushing the boundaries of storytelling. Send us a DM or email and let’s chat! 

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